A new solution to traditional phase-leading capacitors

Improves power factor
  Continuously outputs and compensates reactive power to maintain power factor above 0.99. The compensation performance is 1.2 times better than traditional compensators.

Suppresses harmonics
  Real-time configuration of the required of reactive power and reduces high order harmonics.

Fast response
  Fast configuration capability to provide fast analysis and response time. Cycle response time<20ms and dynamic response time <500μs

High operation efficiency and low power loss
  SVG adopts new electronic component design that provides efficiency of more than 96% and low power loss.

Modular design for flexible extension
  No need reactor and capacitor saves installation space by 20-30%. The modular design with special ventilation path provides flexible extension, ease of maintenance and of assembly.

Highly reliable and safe
  Robust design for power system eliminates resonance problem and no more amplified harmonic current and voltage.