600W Wind Turbine (Typical/Marine)

600 Watt Wind Turbine charges 12/24 Volt battery-charging applications in remote off-grid areas, telecom, industry, lighting, and etc. The aerodynamic design of body and fiber glass blades makes it suitable for operation under very low winds.

600 Watt Marine Wind Turbine is designed for watercrafts and any area in close proximity to salt water. The heavy-duty powder-coating adds enhanced resistance to the effects of the sun, wind, and water. All components have been tested to perform, without degradation under marine conditions.

The wind turbine includes The Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller (MPPT) providing the safe and efficient charging. It can maximize power output for optimal charging capability and battery health.

Rotor Diameter 1.3m
Blade Material PP + Fiber Glass
Number of Blades 3pcs
Rotor Startup Wind Speed <1m/s
Power Cut-in Wind Speed 2m/s
Rated Wind Speed 12.5m/s
Survival Wind Speed 70 Max.m/s
Rated Output Power 600w
Rated Rotor Speed 1200rpm
Voltage Output AC, 3 phase
Brake Auto/Manual Electrical Brake Arrangement
Suggested Battery Capacity >100AH

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator, Coreless

Yawing Mechanism with 48mm mount

30A Amp Meter Included

Complete with 12/24VDC MPPT Charge Controller