Delta’ Active Power Filter-APF2000 is a power filter device that can monitor load and filter harmonics in real-time to maintain a linear current. It monitors the load current in real-time using a current transformer and injects the exact opposite phase to the network of components that are to be filtered. It can also provide leading and lagging reactive current in real-time to improve the power factor and compensate reactive power.

APF power quality improvement system
  Real-time and continuous monitoring of grid data and 3-phase wave form
  100 sets of error records
  Data logging and export
  USB Host and plug-in USB disk. Supports SD card
  Ethernet monitoring and control

Harmonic filtering effect
  Harmonic filtering effect is above95%
  Real-time response and current compensation
  Fast dynamic filtering responding speed (300 µs ~1ms)
  Compensate up to 50th order harmonics

Operation and maintenance
  Easy-to-use touch panel
  Auto current limit protection to prevent equipment from overload
  No need to analyze grid impedance before choosing model type
  Filtering effect won’t be influenced by system impedance changing
  Can suppress system resonance

Hardware modularized design
  Easy –to –assmble power factor module
  Digital signal integrated circuit board
  Plug-in capacitance module