About us

Welcome VITAPower Technology Solution Corp.

Members of VITA Power are the specialists in electric power system and some from our R&D on materials (Materials Engineering). They have the experience and specialty at work in science parks for 20 years.
We always consider the fast changing phase about the business processes in Taiwan. Hence, we provide our customers with high-efficiency and quality but with reasonable price in offering our service.

VITA Power highly possesses credibility and has its unique style with an innovative approach in servicing our customers and clients.
We also let our customers to have their customable plan that should be distinct with our other clients. Our company is the best partner in industry between China and Taiwan.
We offer high quality products, diversified choices, satisfying customer assistance with proficient support on after-sales service.

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Address: 2F.,No.480,Sec. 6,Yanping N.Rd.,Shilin Dist.,Taipei City 11175,Taiwan(R.O.C)